Freeport Lady Sentenced in Medicaid Scams Plan

A Freeport female who took $75,000 from Medicaid was sentenced Friday to a week in prison, the state chief law officer’s workplace stated.

Sonia Ponce, 57, pleaded guilty in March to third-degree forgery and petty larceny, both misdemeanors.

Ponce pumped up the quantity of care that 2 family members gotten from health care assistants and swiped the additional Medicaid funds, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman stated in a release.

Nassau County Court Judge Anthony Paradiso likewise sentenced Ponce to 3 years’ probation and 150 hours of social work, and bought her to pay a $1,000 fine, authorities stated.

Ponce’s lawyer might not be reached Friday.

State authorities stated Ponce “made use of” the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, a homecare program moneyed by Medicaid. It permits loved ones of handicapped people to presume complete obligation for their home care by employing, monitoring and firing assistants. It’s a good idea for the care of 2 of Ponce’s loved ones.

From December 2011 through April 2014, Ponce used the assistants’ personal recognition numbers to log them in and out of work when they weren’t working, consisting of when they were out of the nation, detectives stated.

Authorities stated she sent incorrect timesheets for them. Numerous times, she obstructed the assistants’ incomes, created their signatures and cashed the checks, using some funds to pay exactly what the assistants were owed and keeping the rest, authorities stated.

The assistants were uninformed of the rip-off, authorities stated.

The case had been described the state by the Nassau County Department of Social Services.